The Difference between ‘Dream’ and ‘Reality’

  • A Dream is a series of pictures, occasions, and feelings taking place as we are in deep sleep or subconscious state of mind whereas Reality is the existential state of points with no sort of creative imagination or analysis involved
  • Dreams are a product of the mind and are truly unpredictable whereas realities are actual life happenings that are sometimes predictable and most of the time unpredictable.
  • No dream could be completely remembered or recalled as it was whereas the reality is placed in the perpetual space of our minds and can be memorized or recalled.
  • Dreams finish at a point of time whereas the reality is a part and parcel of what we call “The Journey of Life.” Dreams can be occasional; they come and go whereas the reality is ‘The Truth’ and is invariable.
  • Dreams are mostly illusion and are visualized whereas Reality is something that is experienced.
  • A beautiful dream about different important aspects of life like career or relationship doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes determination and hard work to make it a reality.
  • Dreams can be the output of our imaginations whereas Reality is not fictional.
  • Dreams sometimes do turn into reality but it is the reality which gives birth to most of our dreams whether they are related to our happiness or fear.
  • Good dreams are what you want in Life and bad ones are those you want to avoid whereas the reality is what actually happens in life………
  • You can come out of any sort of problems in your dreams, even with the use of some illogical and illusionary tools but in reality, you have to face whatever comes in your way and to solve any problems or life issues you need adapt or choose a logical approach.
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