The Hen that laid just ‘Eggs’ – Short Story

This is a story about a special Hen who used to lay unique eggs and worked at an Egg Burger Restaurant, who laid just eggs i.e. just delivered what she was meant to do – unique eggs -eggs which tasted a lot different from other eggs and had a huge customer base due to its ultimate taste!

One day the boss decided to realign the duties of the Hen and gave her a brief description of her new role.

“The new role, what’s that Sir!” the Hen asked him with great curiosity.

The boss answered, “While you lay the egg, also sing as our customers will get entertained, you know Nanny (it’s the poor hen) you have to be multitasker”.

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On her way back to home, Nanny was thinking, “I am a hen, I can easily lay an egg, but how can I sing?”
“My quacks will irritate the customers”.

The next day Nanny thought of an idea. She went straight to her boss and said, “Boss I don’t want to sing as I will sound like a fool and our customers will get irritated and this will adversely affect our business”.But as bosses are always rigid and sometimes right, he abruptly said, “You have to sing no matter

But as you know bosses are always rigid and sometimes right, he abruptly said, “You have to sing no matter how -this is your new KRA”.

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Nanny immediately decided to teach him a lesson.

Nanny asked for a 2-day leave and requested her boss if her new role can be handled by her husband, Harry the cock in her absence.

Nanny said, “Sir my husband is a very good singer.

His boss was ok with it as he thought the customers at the restaurant will get entertained and he’ll earn more money.

The other day Harry joined the restaurant, he had a melodious voice, but the restaurant had to be closed for two days.


Who will lay the unique eggs???????????