Have you heard someone saying “I hate Chocolates?” I bet you haven’t!

These days we are very health conscious and most of us think these sugary feasts are very unhealthy; but do you know dark chocolate acts as a stimulant and has many health benefits too.

Let me share some Chocolaty facts with you.

  1. Dark chocolate contains large amounts of flavonoids and is amongst the best sources of antioxidants that protect us from diseases and boosts overall health.
  2. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content are more nutritious and contain lots of vitamins and minerals including Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Copper to name a few. All these nutrients also come with calories and hence should be consumed in moderation.
  3. Dark Chocolate contains positive stimulants like Theobromine that has the ability to relax the bronchial muscles and get relief from a cough. This substance works on the central nervous system, causing one to feel stimulated and excited and acts as an aphrodisiac.
  4. Another stimulant found in chocolate is Phenylethylamine that helps the release of Dopamine in the brain and uplifts your mood. It encourages your brain to release feel-good endorphins.
  5. Dark Chocolate Raises HDL and Protects LDL against Oxidation.

 Dark Chocolate Health benefits

  1. The flavanols found in dark chocolate can protect against sun-induced damage, improve blood flow to the skin and increase skin mass and hydration.
  2. Dark chocolate may also improve the function of the brain and eating dark chocolate can give your brain a short-term boost by increasing your alertness for few hours.
  3. If you have slightly elevated blood pressure, a bite of dark chocolate a day can improve blood flow and bring blood pressure levels down.
  4. A recent study found that dark chocolate helps restore flexibility to arteries while also preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels and hence also has cardiovascular health benefits.
  5. Chocolate contains L-arginine, an amino acid that can be an effective natural sex enhancer for both women and men.

Chocolates with lots of milk fat and sugar are not recommended for obese people or for those who participate in a very little physical activity, so if you want to enjoy a chocolaty feast on regular basis you need to be physically active and remember dark chocolates with low sugar content are the best.