Keep Mosquitoes, insects, and pests at bay!

Most of us find insects irritating especially in arrival spring and rainy season and Insect bites are awful and no one wants to get these insects crawling over us and especially our pets that are most of the time outdoors.

Often people who live near swamps, ponds or have indoor or outdoor plants or even maintain a garden in their homes are at high risk of attracting these unwanted guests.

Now, what can be done to keep these crawling creatures at bay?

You must have listened about certain essential oils and plants that act as insect replants. I am sharing a list of these oils and plants and hope next time you will smartly keep these creatures away from entering your domain.

Spray’s made of Essential oils by diluting them in water can provide a safe and natural way to repel everything from mosquitoes to mites. Some oils also act as insecticides and are capable of killing bugs.

Here is a list of plants and essential oils that can help you in getting rid of insects:

  1. Basil oil – This stimulating oil is great for controlling mosquito and insects. Basil effectively repels mosquitoes and even stop larva from developing.
  2. Clove oil–This oil has been a proven remedy to ward off bugs.
  3. Eucalyptus oil – It’s been found effective on a wide variety of insects, most notably its effect on flies.
  4. Garlic oil – For years, garlic has been used to control common pests found in gardens and has now been found to be an effective way to keep mosquitoes away too.
  5. Lemon peel oil/ juice – Of all the essential oils that repel insects, lemon is by far one of the best-known natural insecticides and repellants.
  6. Tea tree oil – This natural anti-parasitic is a great option for people and pets because of its ability to stop the growth of fleas, ticks, and lice infestation.
  7. Citronella – Plant Citronella or use its essential oil to keep all kind of insects and pests especially mosquitoes away from you home.
  8. Bay Leaf – Plant or burn bay leaf as its smoke can act as an effective insect repellent that can be used to keep the irritating crawlers away.
  9. Catnip – Grow Catnip plant at your home and for best results, you can rub it leaves when going outside to keep insects and mosquitoes away.
  10. Peppermint – Known for its very strong scent and flavor, peppermint oil is also a great natural way to repel insects.
  11. Coconut Oil – Apply coconut oil on your skin, it will not only make your skin healthy but will also act as an effective insect repellant.
  12. Neem oil/powder – Use Neem oil powder to dust in your Garden and vulnerable areas or use its oil spray be safe from any external intruder as most of them treat Neem as their biggest enemy.
  13. Peppers – Spray Cayenne and black pepper mix on plants and how effective this kitchen spices can be in repelling little intruders.
  14. Vinegar – Get a bottle of vinegar in your house; It’s acetic acid content safely and successfully repel insects and mosquitoes especially spiders.