No.1 choice of healthy people and Nutritionists

Who doesn’t love Curd and why it is the no. 1 choice of healthy people and even nutritionists? Here’s the reason behind it. Curd is not only Yum but is so very nutritious and healthy.

Curd is in great demand, especially in summer season. The curd is found to be more beneficial than milk due to its Probiotic properties as the fermentation of milk leads to the formation of curd. It provides more calcium and other nutrients than milk.

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Curd

  1. Eating curd is preferred by the people all across the world as it offers a lot of benefits to the digestive system and is a natural source of Probiotics.
  2. The curd is one of the best sources of calcium; about 100 grams of curd contains fat -4.2 gram, Carbohydrate – 3.5 grams, Protein – 10grams, Cholesterol – 17mg, Sodium – 365 mg and Potassium 104mg. It also rich in vitamin A, D, B-12, calcium, and magnesium the nutrients present in curd are easily absorbed by your alimentary canal.
  3. The curd is helpful in curing H. Pylori infections which is known to cause peptic ulcers.
  4. Curd helps to maintain healthy PH balance by maintaining the acidity and alkalinity levels.
  5. Curd minimizes the risk of high blood pressure and helps reduce cholesterol levels by preventing the thickening of carotid arteries.
  6. Great for those who are lactose intolerant and cannot consume milk can safely consume curd.
  7. Curd helps boost immunity by as it is a rich source of ‘good bacteria’ which strengthens your immune system.
  8. Curd has a high amount of phosphorous and calcium. This makes it beneficial for your teeth and bones as it helps promote bone growth and makes your teeth stronger.
  9. Nutrients like zinc, Vitamin E and phosphorus make curd a natural skincare product and it is often used as an ingredient in homemade packs. A simple mixture of curd and gram flour (Besan) can be applied as a face mask to get glowing skin.
  10. The lactic acid present in curd possesses antifungal properties and can help you get rid of dandruff when applied to scalp and hair. It is also a great hair conditioner.
  11. Curd also aids in weight loss as the calcium present in it prevents your body from pumping more cortisol. Hormonal imbalance of cortisol is responsible for a host of problems like hypertension, obesity, and cholesterol.
  12. Curd is extremely beneficial for those women who are experiencing a vaginal yeast infection.
  13. Curd plays major a role in preventing the osteoporosis as it contains more calcium and vitamin D.
  14. Curd prevents from the ulcer of stomach and small intestine and decreases the risk of stomach cancer and enhances gut function.
  15. Curd is very beneficial for individuals suffering from diarrhea as it is known to significantly improve the diseased condition.