2 Minute Stimulating Office Workout

There are times when extra workload or some challenging situations at work make you feel stressed and exhausted and you don’t feel like doing anything; but as we no work never stops and to give it your best you have to be actively involved in it.

Practice this exercise whenever you feel exhausted or experience fatigue. The best part of this exercise is that it will also help you maintain a good posture. Some people spend more than 6-10 hours a day in front of computers and incorrect postures can result in neck or back pain.

So, even if you are not tired doing this exercise will help you maintain correct posture and will increase blood circulation in the body which is beneficial for your overall health.

Feel Relaxed and Refreshed in Just 2 minutes

1-    Close your eyes and take 15 deep breaths.

2-    After taking 15 deep breaths take the shortest power nap of the day; till you count 1-100.

3-    Open your eyes now and look in every direction (Right – Left-Up- Down) three to four times.

4-    Now to get rid of tension in the neck, let your chin drop forward and then stretching your back towards the chair look up towards the ceiling for 5 seconds.

5-    Now, keeping shoulders level, roll them for 5 seconds in both directions.

6-    Lift your arms over your head and swing them back, down and forward in a circle, like a swimmer’s backstroke five times.

7-    Now stand on your toes and give a nice stretch to your body stretching your hands upwards and looking up towards the ceiling.

That’s it!

This simple workout will help you to release all body tension and will make you feel more energized and charged. Stretching is important as it lengthens your muscles and unlocks the tight ones, allowing you to use them to their fullest capability and makes your body flexible.