LinkedIn mostly referred as a professional networking platform is a great site for all professionals and career-oriented people. Most individuals use LinkedIn to connect, to network, to search Jobs and boost your career.

Here are some tips to use LinkedIn effectively to build a strong network and make the most of this awesome platform to boost your career.

  1. One of the most important parts of LinkedIn is your profile. That’s what you use to connect with people in your network and your profile is how you get found on LinkedIn because it contains information about your skills and experience. Your profile will benefit from including keywords that search engines and hiring managers alike are eager to find a candidate.
  2. Be polite and use quality worlds on this respectable network while messaging, inviting or interacting with someone.
  3. Update your accounts and credentials on regular basis and don’t bombard new connections with job requests as soon as someone accepts your invitation.
  4. Check out the public profile for companies to see who they are hiring and more.
  5. Look for former employees to get honest opinions and grow your network with meaningful testimonies.
  6. Always remember to say thanks when someone does something thoughtful for you, accepts your invitation or endorses you.
  7. Contribute to the article base and leave an honest and meaningful opinion on the articles written or published by others.
  8. When you send an invitation, make sure you add a personalized message to go along with it.
  9. After you’ve made a connection with someone, always try to start a new conversation and engage.
  10. When you accept connection requests, be sure to send a short message back.
  11. Click “like” on shared articles, write short notes of congratulations, and find other ways to show others that you’re listening to what they’re saying.
  12. Make sure your profile reflects your changing roles.
  13. Include your entire job history in your profile and resume people may be trying to find you by searching for previous companies you’ve worked for.
  14. Use descriptive keywords in your job titles to attract relevant search engine traffic.
  15. Don’t leave your profile incomplete; when you add a photo make sure it’s good and the same one you have posted on other social networking sites.
  16. Try to answer questions in your area of expertise.
  17. Leaving a company; do ask your colleagues for a recommendation while you are still fresh in their mind.
  18. Your recommendation should be well written and to the point.
  19. When publishing articles, use a picture and good title. It’s been statistically proven that articles with a picture and good title tend to read more.
  20. Use LinkedIn groups to create a top-notch network. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account – Create One Today!