Mastering Body Language

  1. Lowering one’s head could be a sign of lack of confidence or Lack of Interest.
  2. If a person lowers their head when complimented, they might be reluctant or shy.
  3. Touching or tugging at one’s ear could suggest indecisiveness.
  4. Genuine smiles cover and reflect on the whole face including the eyes whereas a false smile usually only engages the lips.
  5. Tilting one’s head could signify the rate of interest in something or somebody whereas overly tilted heads can be an indicator of sympathy.
  6. Excessive nodding can indicate that the listener has lost rate of interest, however, doesn’t want to be rude.
  7. Touching or rubbing one’s nose may suggest doubtfulness or rejection of an idea.
  8. Pushing back one’s shoulders can show power and guts.
  9. Open arms mean one is comfortable with being approached and willing to interact whereas folded up arms show that there is a type of barricade between them and other individuals.
  10. Resting one’s arms behind their neck reveals that they are open to what is being reviewed or discussed and also intrigued in listening much more.
  11. A broad stance – where one’s feet are located far apart – indicates power and supremacy.
  12. When one sits with legs open, they may feel safe and secure in their environments.
  13. Crossed legs could comfort or defensiveness – relying on how stressful the leg movements are.
  14. Jumping your foot reveals that you are bored or losing perseverance.
  15. Lowered eyebrows and squinted eyes illustrate an attempt at understanding what is being said or going on
  16. The lowering of the eyes can convey thinking, worry or sense of guilt.
  17. One tends to blink more often if nervous or trying to examine another person.
  18. If you look straight into one more individual’s eyes you are displaying confidence.
  19. Wide eyes reveal more of an interest in a subject or person.
  20. If you are aggravated or irritated with a comment made by another person or a group during a conversation, a common movement is to take a quick glance sideways.