You have reached the final stage of selection for the job you had applied and now it’s time to accept the offer letter or negotiate the job offer before making a long-term commitment. If you feel you deserve better go ahead and negotiate the job offer for a salary raise or including a couple of benefits – but do it the right way!

Here are some tips that will help you to ease the entire process and be successful in it:

  1. Try to be courteous and thank the employer for the offer, even if it’s not satisfactory or acceptable to you. Remember expressing disappointment at this moment will fetch you no good results.
  2. Don’t accept the offer immediately until and unless you are fully satisfied and aware that you are being offered the best package as per your credentials and industry norms. Take some time say a day to go through the offer letter and evaluate the pros and cons so that you can get back to the employer with relevant points for negotiation.
  3. Try interacting with other employees and learn about the growth opportunities offered by the company from time to time to its employees. If the feedback seems positive to try to go ahead with as much as minimal negotiations required as if the working environment is good and employees boast of ample growth opportunities maybe you will get your missing share gradually as you progress in the organization.
  4. Research salary and benefits from two to three relevant competing companies using career-oriented sites like
  5. While you prepare your points do give weight-age to future commitments; if any, mentioned in the offer letter as maybe the employer wants to give you maximum benefit after examining your full potential.
  6. Avoid telephonic negotiation; meet the HR personnel or the one who has offered you the job and discuss all the points face to face to offset any negative consequences.
  7. Be prepared for counter questions against your requests. It’s better to put yourself in the employer’s shoes if you plan to negotiate.
  8. Never ask for a better package in lieu your family issues or certain commitments as this will definitely have a negative impact on the employer. Your negotiation should be apt with your current achievements, future goals and what you really deserve.

Last but not the least; get everything in writing to avoid any future misunderstandings with your employer as this will not only affect your relationship with the company as well as the employer but can also hamper your progress.


Wish you all success!