Have you found your soul mate, your better half, your life partner, your beloved?

What are the indicators of true love? What does actual true love feels like? I would like to share with you most researched  Indicators or signs of True Love. So if your love matches these parameters, hurray you have already found your soul mate, your better half, your life partner, your beloved  ….Whatever you name it!

9 Indicators of True Love

  1. You get upset if somebody says wrong about the person you love, you do not allow individuals to show disrespect to your lover. On the contrary, you will talk and believe all good things about the one you love a lot.
  2. You desire to spend maximum time with each other rather than any other individual on this planet. You both are the best buddies in this entire world.
  3. You often ask each other for guidance and also take into consideration each other’s opinions when making choices or decisions.
  4. You could see a future with each other. You could visualize taking a trip with each other, your future better half holding your kids and celebrating your 100th Marriage Anniversary dancing together.
  5. You do not press your companion to the wall surface by being ill-mannered that it requires him to either break up with you or shed their self-respect by remaining silent.
  6. You shield each other. No one can harm you in your lover’s presence. Though the presence I am talking about here is not just limited to a physical one.
  7. You know you’ve found true love when without any hesitation you can discuss your marital relationship as well as exactly what you’re going to name your very first child.
  8. You don’t have to use makeup every time you see your lover; you are liked and loved the way you are!
  9. You can make sacrifices for each other’s happiness and it doesn’t matter to you even if the other does not recognize it.

I wish my friend you score 100 percent on each of the above-mentioned parameters in your love life!