What Children ask God?

Children love to say prayers, especially when they want something special from God. These innocent prayers will take you back to childhood days….

Beloved God,

I asked for a brother but you gave me a sister.

Next time please give me a brother anyways Sera is also good, but she breaks my dolls.



Beloved God,

My exams are arriving and Mom says I should not go to play with my friends till the exams get over.

Can you please advise her not to do so….. and if she doesn’t agree, please make a day of 26 hours so that I can finish my studies and can go to play.

One more thing, my badminton racket is also broken…. Tell mama to buy me a new one.

I am waiting!


Innocent children praying toGod

Dear God,

Thank you for the baby bro;

But exactly what I wished was a pup.

Any pup will do but be sure it has a cute face and a furry coat and if it’s a Pug, it will be great!

Thanks, Almighty!



Dear God,

Rainy season is arriving,

Please, Please, Please God this time we should get maximum rainy day holidays.

Last year we got only two holidays and don’t waste your water in nights keep it for the day time when its school time.

God you are so sweet……



Dear God,

Why there is only one Sunday?

That’s not fair!

Promise me that you will create a Sunday after every other day

I believed you will do this from next month onwards. And please inform everyone on this earth especially in my school.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks……..


Children praying to God

Beloved God,

I have never asked you anything from the last 3 days.

My birthday is arriving and I will soon share a list of gifts with you.

Send me the gifts on time and make sure my friends also bring nice gifts this time.

I will turn 8 this time so don’t send games which are kiddish.



Beloved God,

If you give me a genie lamp like Aladdin, I will give you anything you want with my magical lamp.

So give it fast to me so that you can get lots of gifts from me and remember don’t ask for my dolls.

So, I am closing my eyes and waiting for the lamp.



Dear God,

My mom is sick from the last 3 days and she is not playing with me anymore.

Make it sure that she gets well by tomorrow or else I will never talk to you and you will lose a friend forever.

I know you value our friendship… make mom fine before I leave for school tomorrow.



Child pray's to God

Dear God,

I intend to be much like my Daddy when I grow up.

But keep in mind…not with so much hair all over.


For all of us especially parents it is a must to understand child psychology so that we can nurture these tiny tots with love and care.