Start a Lucrative online business with Amazon!

All of us are aware of Amazon, which is amongst the favorite online buying destination of many and most of us are already associated with it as a member.

Amazon not only facilitates our buying with irresistible offers offering a range of products but is also one of the best places where people like you and me can earn handsome amount of money.

How to Associate with Amazon and Earn Good Money?

Simple, register yourself as a seller on Amazon.

But the question arises, “I am not a manufacturer and I don’t know what to sell”?

How and what to sell on Amazon to earn good profits?

The simple way is to get in touch with local manufacturers who specialize in certain products in your area and buy a product in a minimum quantity for testing which has the potential to be liked by the masses and sell it on Amazon by adding your percentage of profit, keeping the prices competitive with products that are similar in nature and are being offered by different sellers.

The smarter way is to sell products that you can manufacture. This can be anything from your paintings to lamps to plants if you are good in gardening. You can browse various products being offered online having good sales and maybe you have the creativity or the talent to produce better or similar products.

There is nothing better than creating your own brand and selling private-labeled products or creating your own niche.

But What if you don’t want to manufacture but yet sell private-labeled products?

Is there a way?

Yes, my friends!

As I mentioned before, you can buy products from local manufacturers and suppliers or choose a product that is the specialty of your city or your local area.

You can also buy any generic product which is selling in good numbers on Amazon. Track and find products that have potential by referring product reviews and the selling pattern they reflect (Best Sellers).

Ok, I have decided on the product, I want to sell on Amazon, What next?

Congratulations! You have crossed the most difficult part of the bridge.

You have chosen a product that is already being sold on Amazon or one which is new but has good potential as per your research and analysis.

Now you have to create packaging (if required) and the brand logo, that will make your product distinct from the rest.

Before we move ahead, it’s important to understand this isn’t a get-rich-quick strategy.

It will require time, efforts and patience until you practically make thousands of dollars per month.

Are you ready to put in the hard work it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

If yes, then Let’s march ahead…

Finding a supplier if there is none in your zone.

Once you have decided on a product which has good sales potential you can reach big B2B players like Alibaba, Doba, Target, and (You can search for a comprehensive list on the net).

Search for suppliers offering products you wish to label and sell and when you find the right one, don’t forget to negotiate before placing your order. Do check the minimum order quantity before proceeding with the deal.

You can get your logo designed from a local designer or outsource it. You can get a great logo designed on websites like Fiverr for as low as 5 dollars.

I have got the logo designed and have finalized the product, now what?

Create a seller account and list your product. Keep in mind, use high-quality product images and product description. Smartly highlight the USP of the product and do mention what sets your product apart from the rest.

While you start receiving orders don’t forget to tie-up with courier services or register with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program (Recommended).

Thanks to the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, you don’t have to manage the monotony of picking, packing and shipping orders (Refer FBA Guide). All will be taken care by FBA and you will be charged a nominal fee and by doing so you can focus on your sales.