Buttering Bosses – Does it really works?

All of us sometime or the other try to flatter our bosses; maybe appraisals are near or you have promised your family a vacation which still needs approval.

Now, which is the smarter way to get things done in your favor from your bosses or rather get instant approvals?

The answer lies in the fact that every single boss is also working for growth and money and wants his subordinates to not only perform in their assigned roles but also be a driving force behind his growth and success and you will definitely get your share in return.

An efficient worker can grow in any challenging work environment without the use of the so-called buttering strategy, which is short lived and liked by few. Buttering Strategy can work for survival in a job if our productivity is less, but it will never ever make us rise to the top and become a leader in a true sense.

Why Bosses are Always WRITE – 5 Golden Rules that will make Your Career Shine!

  1. Keep thinking in your spare time and make a list of ideas pertaining to projects you handle and projects that are crucial for your department. Keep adding ideas to your list and share them when there is a dearth of good ideas in a conference or a discussion amongst the team members.
  2. Never remain silent in a discussion or a meeting, keep an eye on the areas of concern and after some brainstorming, share your viewpoints on the subject or project being discussed, even if the said project is not in your domain. An idea given by you can be a brilliant one and earn you instant appreciation and will surely reflect your vividness.
  3. Always try to think out of the box and as many times you can, try to compile 4 to 5 innovative ideas and discuss them with your boss. Maybe you are a creative thinker and a good and innovative idea can bring laurels to your department, your team and not to forget your boss and do wonders for your growth.
  4. Make a TO-DO List of work assigned to you and try to complete all tasks before time so that you can handle more interesting projects and bring uniqueness to your profile and can be rewarded with a title of “Mr. Multitasker”.
  5. The most important one, try to educate your boss if you think a wrong decision is being taken or projects need to be altered for better results and he will always be thankful to you.