What most of the men feel for their beloved but few of them share their feelings…

If you are amongst the one who has still not shared his true feelings with his soul mate, go ahead and tell her why she is so special in your life or else share this article with her; she may understand what makes her so special in your life.

My Love, This Makes You  So Special, Never Told You…….

You look so cute when you sleep.

How many times I blame you for things you haven’t done and you remain silent, but believe me, my eyes capture the innocence behind your silence.

No matter the best perfume I use, nothing matches your floral aroma.

You take hell lot of time to get dressed but in the end, it makes it all worthwhile.

At times when you get angry and fight with me, you look even more beautiful.

The way your hand always finds mine, makes me feel that I have always a true friend with me.

The way they smile makes me fall in love with you again and again.

When I am away and you say “I miss you” makes my heart melts my heart like anything.

Your taunts and your concern for my growth make me feel that you are the best motivator in the World.

The way you kiss me when you say “I love you”, makes me the happiest man in the entire Universe.

Darling, this is for you…

My heart was lifeless
One who gave it life, it’s who?
I only reply….
It’s you!

You taught me the real meaning of Love and now I Love you more than my life.