Do Rejections Leave you broken?

This is for you…..

Each one of us has faced rejections in life and it does hurt but the biggest truth behind rejections is that it teaches us what we did or what went wrong that resulted in a rejection.

Rejection makes you feel that you are not worthy of what you desired but in most of the cases, a rejection if properly analyzed and channelized leads you or rather redirects you to a more meaningful outcome later in life.

Whether the rejection we experience is large or small, one thing remains constant — it always hurts and time and a positive attitude can only help us to overcome its.

All that happens for good is the kind of mindset that leads us to cope and come out of rejections that have a negative impact on our social and mental well-being.

As soon as someone criticizes us or pose a rejection in front of us, we often think it’s the end of the journey. Rejections are part and parcel of life and every individual who exists in the World will have to experience it.

We also reject relationships, jobs, and opportunities that aren’t going to work it doesn’t mean that a person who has rejected or the one who got rejected is not good but they are different people with different perspective and opinion and we can’t control each and every one on this planet.

Maybe the person who rejects you or your proposal or does not value your words is not himself worth at all and deserves what you have to offer.

Rejections should be seen as an opportunity in disguise to explore new and better options in life.

We do feel bad when we or a proposal of ours get rejected and time is required for recuperation. Do not hold rejections in your mind otherwise, they will destroy your happiness. The harsh truth is, sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand up taller and emotionally stronger than you ever were before.

Ask yourself these 3 simple questions and after analyzing start moving again in life as life never stops and you ought to respect this principle of life.

What went wrong?

Was it my fault or not?

Which mistakes should I not repeat in future?

Once the lesson is learned, you have to let your emotions fuel you in a positive way.

Life has greater plans for you so don’t stop and carry a bag full of grievances with you. Sometimes life does get tricky and what is best for you come in a roundabout way.

So, my friends, it’s time be smarter and overcome your rejections and from now on don’t take them too personally.

Do believe in ‘Whatever happens, happens for good’.