Earthquake – Don’t Panic!

All of us should be prepared to protect ourselves and our near and dear ones when an earthquake hits or we feel a quake; which can be its early warning sign.

Earthquake Survival Tips Everyone should be Aware Of

1. Stay under a large table or bed until a quake is gone to keep you safe from falling or moving objects during a quake.

2. Cover your head & face and with pillows to avoid any kind of injury.

3. Open door and windows to make sure you have easy access to an emergency exit.

4. Keep gas cylinders and inflammable products at the safest place.

5. Switch-off electricity (circuit breakers) to avoid any kind of short circuit.

6. Keep a first aid box with you.

7. Keep some eatables and water with you and distribute them amongst all the family members.

8. Wear shoes for safety as there are chances that window glasses can break and hurt you.

9. Stay away from concrete walls and other objects which may fall over and try to place yourself in the center of the room.

10. Keep your cell phone with you and try tracking accurate information from radio, television or your Smartphone if you have access to the internet.

11. After you confirm your family’s safety, check if your neighbors are all right and see if you can help others in any way.

12. If you are outdoors or in a car, find a clear spot away from buildings, trees, and power lines.

Precautionary measures can enormously increase your chances of surviving an earthquake. Remember, if your insurance policy covers earthquake damage; make sure you take photos or video of the damage to use it as evidence in the claim process.