Winners V/S Losers – How to Identify?

There are some basic traits ‘Winners‘ and ‘Losers‘ possess and basis them you can easily identify and differentiate between them.

Art of Differentiating Between Winners and Losers 

  1. Winners focus on solutions and constant growth whereas Losers focus on problems and past failures.

  2. Winners take challenges and responsibility for whatever they do whereas Losers love to delegate and blame others.

  3. Winners make a commitment and keep them whereas losers use it as a tool for temporary relief in challenging situations.

  4. Winners are multi-taskers whereas Losers don’t experiment with their skills.

  5. Winners constantly expand their comfort zone whereas Losers stay contented with whatever they have.

  6. Winners learn from their failures and keep moving ahead whereas losers stick with a list of grievances.

  7. Winners keep exploring and learning new things whereas Losers act as an expert with limited knowledge.

  8. Winners are down to earth whereas Losers are egoistic.

  9. Winners give their 100 percent in whatever they do whereas Losers prefer minimum efforts.

  10. Winners have vision whereas Losers only like to live in dreams.