What we do Wrong when it Comes to our Health?

Sometimes we go through a rough patch in life where a kind of illness surrounds us and often without identifying its root cause we tag it in our lives as a disease.

A disease is often associated with certain symptoms and signs. It can be a flu, a viral fever, some sort of pain may be a pain in the neck or back or a major disorder in our body.

A disease can be acute or chronic and its cause can be external or internal. They can be further classified into infectious, deficiency, genetic or a hereditary disease.

Where genetic and hereditary disorders are altogether a different story, what can be done for infectious and deficiency disease?

We all know our body depends on various essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which we derive from food; a healthy person has far fewer chances of catching an infection compared to a person who has an unhealthy diet or is deficient.

Let’s take an example, nowadays neck and back pain is a common problem and even the teenagers are complaining about it and poor posture is often considered its main cause. But often neck Pain can also be a symptom of a certain mineral or vitamin deficiency like Calcium or Magnesium.

Two essential vitamins whose deficiency is very common today are Vitamin–D and vitamin B12 deficiency and their insufficiencies in our bodies mimic many health conditions like neck pain, back & nerve pain, rickets, osteoporosis, tingling in the feet and hands, extreme fatigue, asthma, cancer and depression to name a few.

Now there are two approaches to it. Firstly, we try to identify the symptoms on our own or go to the doctor who further recommends us medicines as per our condition.

We then start taking these medicines, especially painkillers without knowing its ill effects and its negative impact on other body organs.

Taking pills without knowing the root cause of your specific condition and getting temporary relief is one approach, whereas on the other hand by fighting one disease you start complaining about other side effects which certain medicines bring with them such as an upset stomach, acid reflux, fatigue and the list can go on and on.

Now, what’s the other approach rather the smarter approach I am talking about?

“Treat the deficiency first, not the disease.”

At times when you feel sick or get some kind of pain try to understand that it can be out of deficiency and a signal your body is trying to give you to act before it turns into a disease.

A very common cause of body pains or a body dysfunction can be due to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in our body.

Deficiency of Vitamins and minerals lead to numerous conditions affecting our health so before coming to any conclusion and attaching a disease with your life, try to find its root cause that maybe hiding in a form of deficiency and go for systematic relief rather than popping up pills to get temporary relief.

Try to search on the web, deficiencies related to your symptoms for a better understanding of your health condition or the ones of your near and dear ones. The internet today is full of numerous informative articles which I promise can surely help you.

The question here is not to decline the importance of visiting a doctor for any health condition if required, but by doing so you will be able to share with him your concerns and get a better picture of your health condition and may walk out with some supplements and diet plan, rather than medicines.

Get yearly health check-ups done for yourself and your family members, if any deficiency is found, treat them accordingly.

Take a healthy diet, exercise, practice Yoga and stay fit.