Have you found your Soulmate?

A soulmate is not someone you can live without easily. It is someone you can’t imagine being without. A beautiful poem that defines the true meaning of ‘Soulmate‘.

What is a Soulmate?

If you have found a smile

that is the sweetest one you’ve known,

If you have heard, within a voice,

the echoes of your own,

If you have felt a touch

that stirs the longings of your heart,

And still can feel that closeness

in the moments you’re apart,

If you have filled with wonder

at the way, two lives can blend

To weave a perfect pattern

that is seamless, end to end,

If you believe some things in life

are simply meant to be,

Then you have found your soul mate,

your heart’s own destiny.

By Emily Matthews

Each soul has a perfect match… your soulmate….