Harley Davidson has been the most admired and well-esteemed manufacturer of motorcycles in the United States.

Here are some quick interesting facts about this dream machine that you would love to know.

1 – A 21-year-old William S Harley prepared a plan of an engine that could be fitted into a bicycle frame and this is how Harley Davidson came into existence.

2 – The first Harley Davidson Motorcycle had a very small 116 cc engine and still had pedals.

3 – Henry Meyer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA has been recorded as the first buyer of a Harley Davidson bike.

4 – The five main launched series of Harley Davidson are Sportsters, Softails, Dynas, VRSC, and VRXSE.

5 – Harley Davidson set up a new plant in 1906 with six workers.

15 Harley Davidson facts

6 – The Harley-Davidson is popular for its heavy designs and the unique sound produced by a V-Twin engine which was first introduced in 1909.

7 – In 1957, Harley-Davidson created the Sportsters and came into limelight for its exceptional design.

8 – HD Sidecars were introduced in 1914.

9 – Harley Davidson today boasts of its own clubs, merchandise, restaurants and even a museum attracting lots of visitors throughout the year across the globe.

10 – Harley Davidson broke the long distance motorcycle jump world record in 2010, jumping 183.7 feet.

Harley Davidson facts

11 – In July 2001, Harley-Davidson released VRSCA V-Rod with the first ever water-cooled engine.

12 – In 1956 Elvis Presley was featured on the cover of Harley Davidson’s magazine.

13 – When the World War II broke out the military called on Harley-Davidson to produce motorcycles for the armed forces.

14 – Harley-Davidson became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in 1920, producing 28,200 bikes with 67 dealers in different parts of the world.

15- Topper was the only motor scooter ever produced by Harley Davidson throughout the first 100 years of making motorcycles.