Amazing Wound Healer – Honey

Honey is as effective in treating difficult-to-heal wounds and burns as antibiotics.

Can you believe it!

Yes, my friends, Lot of research has been done on this subject and has shown positive and promising results.

Honey has a compound that turns into something like hydrogen peroxide when applied to a wound or burned skin. Honey is antibacterial because the bees add an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide.

Honey may relieve the symptoms associated with eczema and psoriasis. It acts as a topical antibacterial agent for treatment of infected wounds.

Honey can provide relief from the burn, wounds to bacterial skin infections when applied as a dressing on affected areas and wrapped with a cotton bandage for few hours before washing it off.

For deeper wounds, honey should be smeared over the area before administering the dressing, to properly allow the honey to work its way into the infection.

Honey has been used as a wound dressing for thousands of years, but only in more recent times has a scientific explanation become available for its effectiveness. It is now realized that honey is a biologic wound dressing with multiple bioactivities that work in concert to expedite the healing process.

It has also been seen that apart from healing the wounds and burns honey also minimized the scar marks.

The frequency of dressing changes depends on how rapidly the honey is being diluted by the wound or infected area. This should become less frequent as the honey starts to work on healing the wound.

One of the reasons honey heals wounds better is because it is antibacterial. This antibacterial property allows it to protect the wound from infection while the body works to heal the wound.