Names of 71 Most Influential People of All Time

Isaac Newton

Albert Einstein

Leonardo da Vinci


Galileo Galilei

Charles Darwin


Alexander the Great


William Shakespeare

Mahatma Gandhi

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Abraham Lincoln

Isaac Newton


Adolf Hitler

George Washington

Karl Marx

Julius Caesar

Nikola Tesla

Napoleon Bonaparte

Martin LutherInfluential People

Johannes Gutenberg

Thomas Edison

Marie Curie

Thomas Jefferson

Henry Ford

Bill Gates


Benjamin Franklin

Christopher Columbus

John F. Kennedy

Leonardo da Vinci

Winston Churchill


Wright brothers

Alexander Graham Bell


Walt Disney

Charlie Chaplin

Mother Teresa

Joseph Stalin

Friedrich Nietzsche

Alan Turing

Marco Polo

Anne Frank

Steve Jobs Influential People List

Pope Francis


Charles Dickens

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Alexander Fleming

Pharmacologist, Biologist

Ferdinand Magellan

Adam Smith

Oscar Wilde

Marcus Aurelius

Elizabeth I of England

Mark Twain

Alfred Nobel

Queen Victoria

Vladimir Putin

Narendra Modi

Marilyn Monroe

JK Rowling

Marilyn Monroe

Barack Obama………

The List may be even longer – lots of more names can be added to this list as there are many great people who exist or have existed in the past who have influenced the society and humanity in a big way.

Anyways did you guess the same people I have mentioned in the list?

If yes – Great!

If not now you know more than 50 of them!

“Knowledge has a beginning but no end.”