7 Insane (But True) Things About Life

My Grandfather taught me some Life Changing lessons in his lifetime which were never taught in my school.These precious lessons were the outcome of experiences he acquired as he walked along the generations.

I would love to share these lessons with you and hope they help you to know life more closely and get success in all your endeavors.

Life Changing Lessons for Success, my Grandfather taught me…

  1. Don’t worry too much about what others think of you or expect from you. Do what you are best at and ignore the unimportant clutter that may deviate you from achieving your goals in life.
  2. God never closes all the doors without opening a window. No matter what you are going through, always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and your good deeds or Karma whatever you say will let you out of difficult times.
  3. Just keep doing your best and give your 100 percent to life and live it as it comes, but never be contended with what you have and never forget your dreams. Who knows what the almighty has in store for you?
  4. Don’t carry your past with you. Always keep space in your mind’s baggage for knowledge and new opportunities that lie ahead.
  5. Don’t give up when life gets complicated. At that moment, take a break, rethink, face the situation and work on areas that have brought you in this situation one by one.
  6. It’s a harsh statement but ‘Friends are not forever’. Don’t be an emotional fool. As you move in life, friends come and go. Over the course of time priorities and preferences change in everybody’s life.
  7. If you’re not finding a happy ending for something you have been working on for a long time, maybe it’s a Project, a Job or a Relation, start looking for a new beginning.
  8. You will not always come across good people in life no matter how good you are. Don’t waste your time pleasing the rotten lot. You don’t have to win every argument. Stay true to yourself.
  9. Don’t be good at work; rather be Innovative. Always try to be a Multi-tasker; by doing so you can try to evaluate your hidden talents and passion for something that can change your life for good and make you more successful in life.
  10. You have to earn your bread; no one is concerned, the world around owes nothing to you. Work hard and be a smart investor, don’t go only for materialistic gains invest ‘Time’ in your family too and you will get astonishing returns for life.