How Life of a Management Trainee Look Like?

When someone enters an Organization or the Corporate World as a trainee….. ‘Management Trainee’.

Sounds if the complete management is there to train them.

Is that a myth?

Use and Useless are the two certificates they have once they come out from the college and enter the Corporate Jungle.

Why Corporate Jungle?

Ask yourself and you will get the answer!

Management trainees can be classified into three categories:
1 – The Ones
2 – The Lucky ones &
3 – The No one’s

The trainee has to give his 200% to be in the second category, 100% to be in the first and 35—50% takes him directly to the third one.

The trainees have to follow a special dictionary which does not carry words like later, no, need some time, don’t know etc.

The trainee generally is treated as a garbage can or a junk yard depending on his capacity.

After almost striving for months a trainee, if ranked and placed in the first or second category, one gets his first designation.

Rest all is history!