16 Harsh Truths about Life you should know

  1. People don’t hate you or are against you; they all are busy in making the best for themselves and sometimes you matter and sometimes you don’t; that’s the harsh truth.
  2. Focusing on everyone’s story except your own will never let you write the greatest novel of your life.
  3. Waiting for the perfect moment to start something new is just like waiting for a cock to lay an egg.
  4. If you are working for nothing more than a paycheck then a lot of grievances will be your sole assets in the later part of life.
  5. Spend more time with people who love you rather wasting your time in finding true love from the ones who already owe it to others. Go where you are celebrated not tolerated.
  6. Happiness and Hatred are not just two feelings they also act as synonyms for Life and Death.
  7. The person with whom you will spend most of the time in your lifetime is – You; you yourself. Be clear what you want from life as no one likes to spend time with a failure.
  8. Friends are good; friends are great but God has given us senses to choose between right and wrong. You cannot always rely on them.
  9. To be successful in life build a professional network, not a social network.
  10. Live in present; learn from the past and keep working towards a better future.
  11. Money is not important for happiness – Stop Convincing yourself! – Earn it; as you know in real life it’s just the opposite.
  12. Helping others doesn’t mean they will return the favor.
  13. Don’t respect someone just because he or she is elder to you; respect comes from someone’s maturity and not age.
  14. Don’t believe in a long-term relationship with one to whom you are lending money.
  15. People will not love you for what you are but how successful you are…. So what are you waiting for?
  16. Last but not the least; most of us are selfish and in this competitive World my friend there’s nothing wrong in it as long as you are moving in the right direction.