These things happen to all of us, nothing strange…

There are things in life that are under our control and there are things that aren’t.

There are things in life that are predictable and there are things in life that are not.

There are things in life that make us happy and there are things in life that make us sad.

There are dreams in life and we take the risk to follow them and there are dreams in life we ignore looking at the risks involved.

There are few people who live life to the fullest and many just live it.

Now, who are those few ones who live life to the fullest?

These are people who take control of their life, their career, and their ambitions in a better way. These people very well know the most important aspect of life; that one day no matter if you take risks or not, fulfill your dreams or not, be successful or not, be ambitious or not….Life will surely end.


Action my friends, Action! Knowing the fact that we will die one day only a few people have the strength to live life to the fullest with a great passion for fulfilling their dreams and have the courage to sustain even in hard times knowing that there is always an easy path to choose; the ‘50-50 Life Path’.

NOW, WHAT IS THIS ‘50-50 Life Path’?

Simple, not living your dreams looking at the risks involved and living life as it comes rather than living it on our own terms.

SO, What’s BAD IN IT?

Nothing, until one day you realize that why you chose the ’50–50 Life path’ and did nothing to fulfill your dreams. Till you realize that your dreams were almost as valuable as your family, your friends and every beautiful thing you came across in life.

Till you start asking yourself these questions 

Why didn’t I pursue my dreams?

Why did I Exist?

Why didn’t I try hard to live a better life?

Why didn’t I have the courage to take risks in life?

Why couldn’t I do something more for my family?

Why don’t I have time to change my life now?

Remember, often these questions arise in one’s mind when he is waiting for the final call lying on the death bed.

Believe me carrying a baggage of regrets at this moment of life will definitely not be a good idea. It’s on you to wait or act and take control of your life and live it to the fullest.

I think this explains ‘Why few of us live and all die’.