Are ‘Marriages’ and ‘Divorce’ made in Heaven?

Why maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse is so hard today? Why we humans have suddenly become so incompetent at making a relationship last?

Why we humans have suddenly become so incompetent at making a relationship last?

A healthy relationship demands time, attention and dedication.We’re not ready for the compromises and unconditional love relationship demands. We’re not ready to invest all that it takes to make a relationship work. We want an easy life full of fun and frolic. We’re turning into a generation of quitters.

Have we forgotten how to love? Or the meaning of Love dose not exists anymore in our dictionary?

We’ve all keep listening stories about our friends, family, and colleagues being related to some sort of relationship issue.

No one wants to get serious while they’re still young. We don’t want a boring life.

We have enough time to spend on social media, but where our spouse is concerned; we’re always running out of time.

We don’t have much time to devote to a healthy relationship. We are seeking happiness and fun in the outer World.

Nowadays couples have high expectations from each other. Aspirations and dreams that are larger-than-life, which has nothing wrong in it; but they should also realize it takes time for dreams to turn into reality and maybe sometimes they don’t; but this should not affect their relationship.

Love, Trust, Respect, Support, Encouragement, Appreciation, Communication and Acceptance are the most important ingredients of any healthy relationship.

Marital problems can’t be solved without a willingness to communicate. A successful relationship constantly keeps the lines of communication open.

Sexual relations are necessary for a married life. They are not, of course, the most important thing but play a vital role in building a successful relationship. It also helps in building a unique connection between you and your spouse.

Talks related to money and finances are crucial and problems related to them should be discussed before they worsen and start creating problems in your married life.

Couples should try to solve issues related to money and finances mutually for avoiding any uncertainty arising from them in future.

Your spouse should never feel that marriage is holding him/her back from achieving goals and taking opportunities. If you cannot support your spouse you cannot support the marriage either.

Instead of arguing, just try to stop and back down even if it’s not your fault. That does not mean you are weaker than your partner, it takes lots of maturity and courage to do this.

If you can spend your time on eating together, or taking a walk, or even just watching TV together, you will create huge positive changes in your relationship.

Be faithful to your partner, compliment your spouse regularly and share housework for a better and long lasting relationship.

The most important thing – Think about Your Children. They deserve the best caring and loving parents in the Universe and to do so you should yourself maintain a beautiful relationship with your spouse.

 Love your spouse and you will get the same in return or maybe much more than what you expected.