Confidence is the Key to Success – Right!

There are times when you don’t feel confident or lack confidence on certain occasions; like in a public event or an office meeting.

There are times when you feel low and your confidence gets hindered.

But does the World cares about it?

No, my friend’s! To be a winner in life, you have to showcase confidence in every action of yours.  Confident people stand out at work and in social events.

How you present yourself in front of others is one of the most important things in life and every single person on this planet either likes or gets attracted to a confident person.

A confident person always remains ahead of his competition and his confidence enables him to influence others in a better way. One more trait of being confident is that you are able to keep your point in front of others in a better way and your words get the desired weightage.

If you’re not as confident as you’d like to be, these modifications to your body language will have an enormous impact in making you appear Confident Instantly.

Appear Confident Instantly!

  1. Slow down, take a deep breath and present yourself as cool and calm. Avoid looking tense, if you get nervous in front of people they will easily understand that you lack confidence.
  1. Stop slouching, a good posture makes you feel and appear confident immediately. Roll both shoulders back and stand straight.
  1. Stop looking down while walking around, there’s a whole world out there for you to see – Chin Up! Maintaining eye contact with others is one of the trickiest ways to show confidence in body language.
  1. Smile, but remember it should look genuine and not like the one when someone asks you to “Say Cheese”! Confident people smile because they have nothing to worry about.
  1.  Keep telling yourself–I am the best and I am blessed. If you feel out of place in a situation, everybody around you probably does too.
  1. Interact with others as soon as possible, Be the first to extend your hand. As soon as you complete the ice breaking session, you will start feeling better and appear more confident. Shake the person’s hand firmly and quickly while maintaining eye contact. While you shake hands with people don’t become a hand crusher.
  1.  Improvise on your dressing sense, most of the times it’s our clothes and accessories that add to our confidence.
  1. Keep a watch on your emotions, whether you’re about to step on stage to give a presentation, or you’ve just entered an important job interview, self-doubt could lead to failure. If you look insecure, people will not take you seriously. Channelize your emotions in a healthy way and always try to keep a positive frame of mind. Remember, your emotions follow your behavior.
  1. Keep your hands out of your pockets. We put our hands in our pockets when we’re uncomfortable or unsure of ourselves. Don’t cross your arms. Crossing your arms is a protective posture.
  2. Cut the crap; focus on the people you’re engaged with, rather than worrying about how they perceive you.