We all tend to chart out a ‘To-Do List‘ for our office work, but there are other important things in life too. Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned list, and I hope you will find some essential things that need to be noted and followed the same way as we pursue our Job to-do.


 16 Must have Personal To Do List Items

  1. Destinations you want to travel in your near future or your lifetime
  2. Career goals and what all must be done to Achieve it
  3. Essential things you want to add to your home; that will make it even more beautiful
  4. Stuff you’re thankful for in your life and want to share with your near and dear ones
  5. Usernames and Passwords of all bank accounts including your mutual funds
  6. Important dates – birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  7. Favorite quotes, Poems, songs, and stories…
  8. Books you wish to read and the ones you have read and can recommend others
  9. Personal health goals and health regimen
  10. Anti-aging and anticancer diet chart for self and Family member and Recipes you want to try
  11. Things you want to do in your life apart from your professional life…I am talking about Charity and Voluntary Services!
  12. Gift ideas – Plan in advance what would you like to gift to your closest friends and family members
  13. Budgeting –  Monthly expenses, savings, and investments
  14. Cleaning to-do’s for your home, Kitchen, garden area, garage, etc.
  15. Your favorite memories and things you’re proud you accomplished that you want to share with your children
  16. Skills you have and skills you want to build up in days to come