Obsolescence of mind depreciates the body

A Short Story with a Moral  

Once there was a college canteen, which attracted many customers. It used to serve all kind of cuisines, the best one in the town indeed.

3 major resources behind the success of the Canteen were:

1. The Cook
2. The Gas cylinder &
3. The Stove

The canteen was so famous that even the tourists visited it. Soon the canteen owner earned a lot of money and entered a bakery business with huge ovens and closed the canteen.

The stove was lifeless, but the Gas cylinder was full of energy, but of no use now.

once a spark, welcomed a short circuit and the cylinder blasted, resulting in destroying the canteen forever.

Moral of the story:

It was not the cylinder which caused the destruction, but the unused energy in it.

“Obsolescence of mind depreciates the body.”