We all possess positive and negative qualities and should be aware of your strength and weaknesses to grow and succeed in life. Here you will find the strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your Zodiac sign.

The Positives and Negatives Each Zodiac Sign


Aries have an abundance of energy and a zest for life and are driven, passionate, motivated, and ambitious. They are confident, courageous, and strong-willed individuals that can stand up for themselves and don’t back down from any challenge.

However, on the negative side, Aries can easily become irritated and are often found to be moody, domineering, and aggressive.


Taurus people are hard workers and devoted towards work and life. They will be faithful to one they love and are always ready for a long-term relationship. They are lovable, reliable, and humble.

However, just like your typical bull, sometimes they can be stubborn, rigid, and uncompromising. They also have a tendency to become possessive in relationships and may overindulge in certain ways.


Geminis are the kind of people who have dual sides to one’s personality.  Geminis are known for being friendly, open-minded and outgoing. They usually have tons of friends and are always ready for any kind of adventure.

However, they get restless easily, can seem superficial at times, and make impulsive decisions. The dark side of this sign comes out when they are stressed or anxious about something. They sometimes feel restless due to the duality in their personality.


Cancerians are loving, caring, empathetic, devoted, loyal people and excellent listeners. They are very creative, genuinely kind, sensitive, beautiful people who are known for their helping and supportive nature.

However, they have many positive traits,  they tend to have low self-esteem and forget about what amazing qualities they possess and tend to be overly emotional at times.


Leos People are born leader and excel at anything they pursue. They are ambitious, outgoing, fun loving, charming and confident.

However, at times Leos can be overly dramatic and pretentious and superficial at times by gaining importance and boasting about themselves.


Virgos have an eye for detail and are excellent analyzers and problem solvers. They are methodical, meticulous, analytical, and logical.

However, Virgos tend to analyze small-small things a little too much and take life too seriously.  They tend to be overly critical of themselves and others.


Libras love peace and treating everyone with respect and kindness. They love helping others and make great humanitarians.

However, Libras tend to avoid conflicts at any cost due to their peaceful nature. This could be a great quality in some situations, but sometimes confrontation is necessary for life, and Libras have to learn how to stand up to others and themselves at times.


Scorpions are passionate, caring, organized, Independent and emotional people who often hide their feelings so people don’t take advantage of them. They are known to be loyal and dependable.

However, Scorpios do not like feeling betrayed, insulted or challenged, so instead of losing their temper and getting angry they simply walk away and start planning the ways to take appropriate revenge.


Sagittarians are optimistic, adventurous, fun – loving and outgoing kind of a people. They have some kind of inherited traits that attracts others towards them.

However, Sagittarians find difficult to focus on things without clear direction and can lose their temper often.


Capricorns are truly hard workers and are driven by passion, wealth, and success, and have a strong drive to succeed in life. They are highly intelligent, motivated, philosophical, logical, practical, and organized.

However, Capricorns can stubborn, boastful, uncompromising and bad listeners at times. They can easily become workaholics and find it difficult to maintain work-life balance.


Aquarians are true visionaries and excellent leaders and some of the most interesting people you will ever meet in your life. They love to travel and explore every part of this world including different culture and traditions. They can hold conversations for hours because of their varied interests and information they have explored and acquired.

However, tend to look at things practically, and while this isn’t a bad thing, at times, it can make relationships difficult if they don’t learn to address emotional needs of others.


Pisces being a watery sign the people who inherit it are very emotional, sensitive, caring, empathetic and creative people. They are loyal to their partners and can prove to be the best soulmates in this planet.

However, Pisces have a hard time dealing with reality and often look for a way to escape. They tend to be loners and love to live in their own dream world.