Angels’ Special Message for You!

Life has too many equations involved; Life is a difficult Math’s sum never solved.

But that’s how life is designed.

why so Serious my friend?

Yes, you!

Stop being unhappy and comparing yourself with others.

You are special!

You are perfect!

All of us have desires. Desires that are different from each other and different for every other individual who exists on this planet.

Someone wants to become an astronaut, on the other hand, someone just wants to sit on a plane, someone needs a sports car and someone wants a good home…

The list is endless and if continued will fetch a Guinness record for the largest article written till date and that’s what our desires are like –  endless and ongoing.

People get different things in life they want differently. Some are born with a silver spoon and others have to work day in and day out to sustain and achieve what they want.

But why this happens?

We all are seeking an answer to this question but maybe God does not want to reveal the secret behind it. Maybe that’s the way he has created a kind of equilibrium on this planet.

Life is a kind of departmental store which has different products to offer to all its visitors according to their requirement and budget. It seems most of the things in our life kart are either ‘destined’ or require continuous efforts to relish it.

Try to live life to the fullest without getting too much into it. Happiness and sadness, wishes and dreams, hopes and desires are all elements of life’s rollercoaster ride and embedded in everyone’s journey.

Every time you try to analyze life and look at it with a different perspective new set of questions arise in your mind and most of them do not have concrete answer attached to them.

Enjoy Life – Why so Serious?

Live life at it comes; try to make the most of it. Work hard to fulfill all your wishes and desires. Always try to maintain a positive mindset and be happy even if the circumstances are not too favorable. Nothing is permanent and life keeps changing and sometimes it makes us believe ‘whatever happens, happens for good.’

It takes time for a tree to take its shape and so does our dreams. Believe me, you will get what you want just work on it with a positive set of mind and have patience.

Life has greater plans for you that don’t involve crying or being serious and believing that nothing good will happen to you.

You need to remember, even through the tough times, you are amazing and you are blessed.

You should be happy. You are so special.

God is with you!

Till you are alive- never lose hope.

Everything will be great!