Always Keep your Car in Top Condition

Changing your Car’s Engine oil is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make sure that your engine and car remains in good shape.

The purpose of engine oil is to keep the internal parts of your car’s engine lubricated and cool. It protects the moving parts of a car engine from grinding against each other.

When your Car Demands Engine Oil replacement 

  1. The color of the engine oil is generally golden brown or reddish and bright; if the oil Looks Black and grainy, it’s time to change it or else it will affect the performance and life of your car’s engine.
  2. If you’re Engine has started making unusual noise maybe it’s time to change the engine oil to provide it the optimum lubrication it needs.
  3. If you have completed the run set by the car company and your service is due; get the service done and get the engine oil replaced. Timely service and maintenance will help you keep your car in top condition for years.
  4. You’re Engine Light Won’t Go Away; that’s an indication that you need to level or replace your engine oil as soon as possible. It is important to regularly check the oil levels in order to keep your car running smoothly. Take the engine oil dipstick out all the way and give it a wipe with a clean cloth so that you can ascertain the oil level.
  5. If you noticed oil leaking from your car get it checked immediately and get its oil levels checked and get it leveled or replaced as per its condition.

A car is also a machine and like every other machine, it needs proper maintenance and timely service so that it can give you flawless service for years and engine oil is the most important component of this machine.