The Classical Bell – A Short Story

Far in the north of my body towards the east once lived a heart, which had a classical bell, which used to ring every now and then.

It started ringing when I was in the womb of my mother, and the sound was such as it was placed in a spiritual Adobe.
Soon I entered this world and then, the bell was open to the world, some rang it and it produced a melodious sound, while some made it sound horrible.

Even my conscience, fear, anxiety and excitement changed the motion of the bell and the speed at which it usually rang.

With time passing by and by exposing the bell to the materialistic world, the bell started rusting, and lost its magical sound and started producing melodious sound once in a blue moon.

One day it stopped ringing without letting anyone know that it wants to rest and is tired. 
Always listen to your Heart….Never suppress your feelings…follow your dreams…Live your Passion…Find happiness in small things!