Why so Serious?

The day starts as usual; we wake up, go to the washroom and then something strange happens. Suddenly our minds are flooded with emotions and thoughts. Some negative, some positive ones.

Many of us are unaware of the fact that “yes we are The Toilet Thinkers.”

Sitting on the comfort chair of our toilets we start thinking about our lives, what’s going on with my life?

This shit that happened yesterday is bothering me a lot.

Oh shit, one more day has started and I have to go to the office, I hate and have to work on shit projects again.

God, why was not every day is a Sunday?

My expenses are soaring; how will I handle my expenses?

I have to buy my wife new Jeans, I promised her and have not paid my car EMI yet.

Countless thoughts start bombarding our mind as I said some positive and most of them….

Is this NORMAL?

Yes, it is.

We, humans, have a tendency to keep thinking to the point we get exhausted and fill our minds with useless crap or negative thoughts, which affects our day-to-day performance.

Now, what should you do instead?

This is the time when your day starts and the thoughts which come in your mind control much of your emotions throughout the day.

Stop thinking crap. Start your day on a positive note. Try to make your as beautiful and rewarding as you can and thank God that he has added one more day in your Life and it’s on you to make it a good or a bad one.

Keep telling yourself, whether it’s your Job, Your Life or a challenge you are facing or an issue that is bothering you that you are strong enough to manage everything and whatever happens it happens for good.

Take a nice inspirational book along with you or just keep reading success stories on your mobile phones. This will definitely enable you to think in a better way.

Take the Laugh Therapy, Laugh for 5-minute reading jokes or something funny and see how beautifully it balances your mind and prepares you for a brilliant day ahead.

The time you spend in the washroom is the most personal and valuable time of the day, don’t let negative thoughts accumulate in your mind just “Flush Them Away”!