“Do you have any questions?”

“Nope, I don’t have any.”

Is this the way you have been answering this question in a Job Interview?

Such kind of an answer can put a full stop to your conversation, whereas, asking smarter questions reflect your intellect and give you a chance to interact with the interviewer.

Most of us while facing an interview forget one of the most crucial aspects of a successful interview and that is that you are there to ask questions, too.

5 questions to leave a smarter opinion about yourself in a Job Interview.

So, next time instead of staying dumb, ask these questions to the interviewer and let your vibrancy get you – your “Dream Job”!

  1. What is the biggest challenge, keeping in mind, you have created this position?

Asking this question will help you to understand, the potential the position holds and what is actually expected from it and does it interests you? It will also help you assess what kind of work will be assigned to you in the initial stages.

  1. What were the major strengths and weaknesses of the last person who held this position?

This question will help let you know the history of this position and the pros and cons attached to it.

  1. What are the prospects for advancement in this position?

This will reflect you as an ambitious person one who strives for growth in lieu of his contribution to the organization.

  1. What is it that makes existing employees enjoy working in this organization?

This will help you to judge the work environment and on the other hand, will give a chance to the interviewer to boast about his company, which will act as feel good factor for him as well.

  1. Where do you see the Company in the next 5 years?

This question will help you evaluate the till date progression of the organization and its future plans and the stability the position holds for which you are being interviewed.

To sum-up, make your interview more engaging rather than a one- sided affair.