Researched Regrets of the Dying

We all know, one day we will travel to an unknown destination leaving everything behind, from a pin to a plane and at that time no one wants to carry a bouquet of regrets with them.

Every one of us wishes to leave behind memories which everyone can cherish rather than them being a source of pain for our near and dear ones.

Most Researched Top 5 Regrets of the Dying – You Can Avoid

1.If I would have spent more time with my family and the people who loved me and cared for me.

The key is to balance work and life. Money is important. How much? It depends on you.

2. I wish I would have cared less about what people thought about me and rather followed my dreams and passion.

Don’t let anyone come in the way of your dreams. Do what you are passionate about. Often we avoid taking risks in life and are afraid what others will say if you are unsuccessful. Even if you are unable to fulfill all your dreams, what matters the most is that you gave it a try.

3. I wish I would have lived more in present rather than thinking and getting stressed from what the future holds for you.

Worrying about future is quite natural, but don’t make it a habit; else sooner or later it will start affecting your happiness and family life. Live in present and keep working hard for a better tomorrow. If you think that the grass is greener on the other side maybe you are not watering yours enough.

4. If I had taken life more seriously, had quit bad habits and looked after my health, I would probably have been left with some more years in my kitty. Exercise, meditate, do Yoga, follow a healthy lifestyle and keep adding golden years to your life.

Exercise, meditate, do Yoga, follow a healthy lifestyle and keep adding golden years to your life.

5. If I would have controlled my anger, it somehow not only made my life a bit miserable at times. I can’t evaluate how much of my precious and wonderful time this anger has ruined in my life.

Don’t waste time getting angry. Try to analyze situations and act accordingly in a smarter way to handle them. Remember the repercussions of past events and try not to repeat them. Let go of your anger and grudges.

Every minute of anger snatches 60 seconds of happiness from you.