Human Emotions Facilitate or Interfere with Good Decision Making.

This statement sounds to be contradictory but what can be a better answer for this?

Research shows Emotional decisions can do well for you but the one taken in stress can be fatal. Internal Emotions are derived from positive and negative thinking and research reveals that emotions constitute powerful and predictable drivers of decision making.

While the positive emotions can be good for us, the latter causes stress.

Unaddressed emotions affect our mind and body negatively.

What we have to understand is that, whether emotions are positive or negative, we should always maintain a healthy balance between them as they may result in a decision which can either work in our favor or against us.

Let’s understand how?

Positive emotions lead to more progressive thinking and your brain generates better ideas and solutions which aid in effective decision-making whereas Negative emotions bring you in a stressful state of mind and your decision-making efficiency decreases.

Our body takes stress as a disease and stress lead to anxiety and depression, which further suppresses the immune system, creating a vulnerability to everything from a common cold to other fatal diseases.

No matter, which situation we are dealing with or how much big the problem seems to be, Positive emotions help us to understand and act in a better way.

Nurture your emotions in such a way that they are able to handle difficult situations in a better way rather than escalating them to the state of stress and anxiety as a mind full of stress is the biggest evil for the body and will do us no good.

A Positive set of mind can be rewarding in matters of Life, Career and the most precious amongst them our Body.

How to do it?

By understanding our emotions and taking them in the right direction, we can move adeptly through our current challenges and prevent future ones and be more successful in life.

So, next time when you face any difficulty or challenge in your life take a deep breath and tell yourself; ‘no matter what it takes, I will come out of this situation and be successful’–Period!