Why my life is so complicated?

Many of us complicate things to an extent that our lives become miserable. Sometimes you feel trapped in the hustle bustle of life and monotonous daily routine and get depressed thinking of things which are not worth giving a thought and are spamming your mind with negativity.

Uncomplicating Your Life Now!

To begin reading this article and to start with the process of uncomplicating your life in the next 5 minutes, take a deep breath and just consider these simple steps while you go ahead to make your life happier and enriching.

  1. My friends, you are not alone, the universe is more complicated than you think and you are not alone the world who is striving for success and happiness, so calm down and make everything happen in life step by step. Life is not ‘Instant Noodles’. Keep patience and keep working hard, right things will happen at the right time.
  2. No matter what happens try not to think when you go to sleep, give some relaxation to your body and mind as you are the one who has to face the world again once you are out of the cozy net. Give rest and activate your brain cells!
  3. Do not over commit. Whether it’s your job or commitment to people or friends or even your family. Think twice before making any commitment and re-confirm with yourself the future consequences if you will or what if you aren’t able to fulfill the commitment. Make commitments but they should be practical and feasible.
  4. Stop reading other people’s mind rather read a good piece of literature when you have nothing to do. Your mind can be your best friend if proper channelized and your worst enemy if you keep filling crap in it.
  5. No matter how difficult the situation is, treat it like a blessing in disguise and always evaluate ‘why it happened and was it for good or bad’?
  6. Sometimes we take too much of stress analyzing small things and after raising our blood pressure we realize that whatever happened, happened for good; but at this point, we are not able to relish life due to the fatigue and headache that accompanies your high blood pressure and stress.
  7. Relax we all face a different kind of situation in day-to-day life; some are good, some are bad and some are worst. But don’t lose hope. Face life as it comes. Every day there is a new lesson to be learned and sometimes, the lesson can be a bit harsh. This happens with all of us; each and every living being not only human beings. That’s how life was crafted.
  8. Don’t be a miser and keep all the time saving for your future. Give a treat to your family and yourself now and then. Everything will be Ok in the future if you are happy; because a happy man is a healthy man and a healthy man is one who is active and one who is active has greater potential to work and earn – Simple!
  9. Make friends but not a ‘flock’. Give time to your hobbies and find out time and again what hidden creative talent you have. Remember, God has gifted everyone a talent and you should have the time and energy to identify it and nourish and nurture it.
  10. Before getting angry count for 1-10 then if you feel that you are still on the verge, you can even count up to 50. Once your anger explodes, it can ruin your minutes, your hours, your days or even your life. Handle things practically and cool down.
  11. Don’t ever starve yourself and pity yourself for the same. No work is as important and demanding as your body itself. You have to give your body its essential fuel time and again. ‘Health is wealth’ my friends; don’t ignore and complicate it.

Take life easy, love your family, spent time with them, do good to others, don’t hold grudges and see your life changing in a beautiful and uncomplicated piece of art.