Learn the Art of  Influencing People

The Art of Influencing is based on certain principles that enable you to create a positive impact on others.

These principles, if followed, not only make other people like you but also acts as a compelling force in producing a favorable opinion about you.

The ability to influence others at work has become an important managerial skill to achieve work goals and objectives to drive businesses forward in today’s demanding and competitive work environments.

These skills, if mastered can help you make new acquaintances, influence peers, win friends and people who matter you the most.

Remember, it’s important to understand there is a lot of difference between Influencing and Manipulating. Our approach should be friendly and genuine; it should not hurt anyone. Every action of ours should be in the direction of winning the heart of people we interact with.

By following the principles outlined below, you will not only master the art of influencing others but will also develop a much more pleasing personality.

How to Influence Others

  1. Keep a positive intention while interacting with others as our intention reflects in our words.
  2. Become genuinely interested in other people, be selective and smartly ignore the ones with whom you would not like to associate.
  3. Always remember there nothing like a smile. A smiling face is the best tool you can use to win people’s hearts.
  4. Make people talk about their interests and let them boast. This helps in generating a feel good factor amongst them and an opinion of a good listener, about you.
  5. Avoid arguments; try to skip topics that may lead to one.
  6. Don’t just talk about work;  include what interests others. It can be related to Wellness, Food or the most important aspect of everybody’s life “Family”.
  7. Appreciation from your end should always be genuine, otherwise, it will just appear as a buttering strategy, which others can evaluate and a few like it.
  8. Be Empathetic; try to help others genuinely and give good advice. A Good advice helps others to come out of difficult situations and for this, they will always be thankful to you.
  9. Always keep your commitments. By doing so you will become more reliable and an authentic person in the eyes of others and people would like to relate with you.
  10. Make your conversation more meaningful and try to keep it to the point. If you are wrong, admit it.