Is Blogging an Art or a Science?

While most people who choose to blog describe it as an Art, others who dive in its technical aspects feel it is a kind of a Rocket Science!

Regardless of what you perceive blogging to be, there are some blogging mistakes and errors you often commit while writing a blog post that can ruin your credibility amongst readers. You often don’t trust a blog that has grammatical errors or the language is difficult to understand or even incorrect.

Fortunately, you have the option to edit a blog post and remove the error!

Make sure you use spell check each and every time you blog and use a powerful tool like Grammarly to correct the spelling and grammar errors.


Save your post from negative consequences of grammatical and spelling errors and get rid of them before they go live to make the most out of it.

Avoiding proofreading is the single biggest mistake a blogger can make for their blog. A quality post involves research, preparation, organization and finally writing it. There is no reason to degrade a blog post by overlooking simple spelling and grammar mistakes when you have worked so hard to create it.

You will always find mistakes or areas for improvement if you take the time to proofread your article or blog post thoroughly, regardless of how good a writer you are.

Writing Mistakes you should Avoid as a Blogger


12 Common Writing Mistakes Bloggers Make (Infographic)
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