Yoga and Exercises to keep Diseases at Bay!

Yoga is a powerful tool to combat various ailments that keep bothering us from time to time. Here is a great informative list of Exercises and Yoga Poses from holistic online that you can refer to get relief from various health conditions and diseases.

Ageing, To Delay Full practice, mental and physical, with special emphasis on Headstand; Half-shoulderstand; Shoulderstand.
All swinging-downward exercises and Slow Movements; Raised Poses.
All breathing cycles; Recharging of Vital Energy; Uddiyana; Nauli; Savasana; Yoga-mudra.
Mental Exercises: Mind Mirror; Releasing of Inner Light; Concentration on Love and Devotion.
Ankles, Swollen Headstand; Inverted Poses; Vajroli mudra.
Arms, To Firm Arm exercises.
Raised Poses.
Head of a Cow Pose.
Arthritis All asanas and exercises possible.
Asthma All abdominal breathing.
Pose of a Frog; Pose of a Fish; Savasana.
Backache, From Displaced Organs Headstand; Inverted Poses; Aswini mudra.
Backache, From Weak Muscles Back exercises; Plough; Cobra.
Backache, From Menstruation Spinal Twist; Fish; Locust; Camel; Headstand.
Breathing away pain; Sending prana to spine.
Bust, To Firm Cobra; Camel; Bust exercises.
Chin, To Prevent Double And Firm Underneath Pose of a Camel; Supine Pelvic; Face exercises; Pose of a Lion.
Circulatory Troubles Triangular Pose.
Inverted Poses.
Breathing cycles.
Colds All breathing cycles, specially Blacksmith’s Bellows; Headstand; Shoulderstand; Vital Energy charging.
Concentration, To Improve Headstand; Half-shoulderstand; Lotus Pose; Balancing Poses; Yoga-mudra; Concentration exercises.
Confidence, Loss Of Headstand; Raised Poses; Cobra; Spinal Twist; Lotus Pose; Balancing Poses; Vajroli mudra; Angular Pose; Mental exercises.
Constipation Uddiyana; Nauli; Head-to-knee; Plough; Fish; Cobra; Savasana; Locust; Inverted Poses; Yoga-mudra; Aswinimudra; Vajroli-mudra.
Depression General practice, especially Savasana; Headstand and all inverted poses; Cobra; Vajroli-mudra; Locust; Spinal Twist; Breathing cycles; Mental exercises; Also diet control.
Dowager’s Hump Neck exercises.
Pose of a Camel; Headstand; Inverted Poses.
Energy, Vital -Loss Of Headstand; Shoulderstand; Savasana; Vajroli-mudra; Breathing cycles; Recharging cycles; Energy-charging cycles; Circulating Life Force.
Facial Muscles, Sagging Inverted Poses; Headstand; Facial exercises.
Head of a Cow; Yoga-mudra.
Fear Pose of a Hero; Lotus Pose; Headstand; Shoulderstand; Vajroli-mudra; Spinal Twist; Cobra; Meditation; Mental exercises, specially on Fear.
Feet, Swollen Inverted poses; Feet exercises.
Cold Circulation Exercises.
Warming breath.
Triangular Pose.
Flatulence Knee-to-stomach Pose; Digestive cycles; Breathing cycles.
Frustration, General Breathing cycles; Savasana; Lotus Pose; All mental exercises.
Frustration, Sexual Dangerous Pose, and transmuting of energies.
Hemorrhoids Inverted poses; Aswini-mudra; walking on buttocks; Massage.
Hearing, Failing Headstand; Half-shoulderstand; All forward swinging exercises; Yoga-mudra.
Heart Conditions Savasana; Breathing cycles for slowing down breath and heart.
Mental exercises; Pose of a Frog; Pose of a Child; Diamond Pose.
Lotus Pose; Fish Pose; in some cases, with doctors permission, Headstand.
Hot Flushes Savasana; Shoulderstand; Quiet breathing cycles; Cooling breath.
Hypertension Savasana; Pacifying breathing cycles; Frog Pose; Cross-legged Poses; Fish Pose; Diamond Pose; Mental exercises.
Impotence Headstand; Shoulderstand; Savasana; Aswini-mudra; Vajroli-mudra; Breathing cycles; Transmuting of energies.
Indigestion Digestive cycle; Stomach contractions; Savasana; Knees to-stomach; Head-to-knee; Pacifying Breaths; Vajroli mudra; Yoga-mudra; Forward-stretching.
Insomnia Spinal massage-rocking; Triangular Pose; Savasana; Breathing cycles; Plough; Locust; Head-to-knee.
Joints, Stiffness Of All general practice, with emphasis on all exercises; Lotus Pose; Forward-stretching cycle; Spinal Twist; Archer; Camel; Eagle; Fish.
Legs, To Improve And Firm Eagle; Angular Pose; Forward-stretching cycle; Lotus; Head-to-knee.
Memory, Failing Headstand; Yoga-mudra; Pose of a Hare.
Exercises bringing blood to the head.
Mental exercises.
Menopause Savasana; Breathing and recharging cycles; Cobra; Spinal Twist; Head-to-knee; Stomach contractions; Ashwini mudra; Shoulderstand; Mental exercises.
Menstrual Difficulties Shoulderstand; Plough; Fish; Locust; Stomach contractions; Aswini-mudra; Cobra; Head-to-knee; Savasana.
Migraine Savasana; Headstand; Breathing cycles.
Neck, To Firm Neck exercises; Pose of a Camel.
Prolapse Headstand and all inverted poses; Aswini-mudra; Abdominal contractions (with doctor’s approval).
Prostate Gland, Enlargement Aswini-mudra; Arch gesture.
Relative Strength, Loss Of Raised poses.
Rheumatism Spinal Twist; Cobra; Locust and general practice.
Sciatica Spinal Twist.
Sexual Debility Headstand; Shoulderstand; Vajroli-mudra; Half-shoulderstand; Plough; Fish; Eagle; Aswini-mudra; Frog Pose; Spinal Twist; Uddiyana. Transmutation of energies.
Sight, Care Of Eye exercises; Headstand; Half-shoulder stand; yoga-mudra; All forward swinging exercises.
Sinus Trouble Headstand; Breathing cycles; Blacksmith’s Bellows.
Stomach, To Firm And Slim Uddiyana; Nauli; Camel; Locust; Forward-stretching cycle; Archer; Spinal Twist; Vajroli-mudra; All stomach exercises.
Stress And Tension Savasana; Shoulderstand; Pacifying breaths; Balancing Poses; Angular Pose; Cross-legged Poses; Diamond Pose; Pose of a Frog; Mental exercises.
Teeth Headstand; Half-shoulderstand; Face and neck exercises.
Thighs, To Firm Cobra; Locust; Lotus; Star Pose; Head-to-knee; Supine pelvic.
Throat, Weakness Of Pose of a Lion; Breathing cycles; Shoulderstand.
Thyroid Deficiency Shoulderstand; Cobra with chin pressed in; Choking Pose; Recharging breaths; Mental exercises.
Ulcers Savasana; Breathing cycles; Fish Pose; Pose of a Frog; Diamond Pose; All mental exercises.
Varicose Veins All inverted poses, including Headstand.
Waistline, To Reduce Sideways swing; Spinal Twist; Cobra; Forward-stretching cycle.
Weight, Excess Shoulderstand; All general practice; Diet.
Weight, Deficiency Shoulderstand; Savasana; Breathing cycles; Diet.
Worry All breathing cycles; Recharging with energy; Shoulder stand; Savasana; Pose of a Hero; Pose of a Frog; Fish Pose; Lotus Pose; Mental exercises.
Wrinkles Headstand; Half-shoulder stand; Knee-to-stomach; Face exercises; Yoga-mudra; All forward-stretching movements; Pose of a Camel. Head of a Cow.