Introduction to Yoga Poses – Health Benefits

Seated Yoga Poses

The seated poses in Yoga bring overall calmness and have a soothing effect on the body. They are amongst the basic yoga poses beginners should start practicing Yoga with.  Alignment of the back is crucial in seated poses as these poses not only aid in muscle opening and but also increase flexibility and boost blood circulatory system.

Seated yoga poses tend to be energetically grounding and focus more on flexibility than strength. Therefore, seated poses are the way, to begin with, yoga. Tone your belly, strengthen your internal organs, and relieve lower back pain with seated yoga poses.

Standing Yoga Poses

Good for strength, balance, and focus. These energetic standing yoga poses to provide a straight line to shaping our best body. The basic purpose of standing poses is to gain more control over the body, correcting spine alignment and improve joint and spine opening through mild stretching.

Standing yoga poses also aim at increasing our flexibility and toning our muscles.Standing poses are generally held for shorter times than other poses and tend to be more energetically uplifting and opening.

Standing yoga poses are considered best for balance improvement and posture correction apart from other therapeutic benefits.

Performing these poses regularly improves full body blood circulation, especially in head and legs, hence, reducing odds of conditions like deep vein thrombosis, cervical pain, asthma, etc.

Standing poses help in creating balance and bring mental and emotional stability.

Backbends & Inversions

Backbends and Inversion yoga poses are good for balance and concentration as well as circulation and help in opening up (stretching) the spine and chest

The inverted poses actually come with lots of benefits if your lower abdomen is congested with toxins.

Core Yoga Poses

The core is not one specific muscle, but a range of different muscles that work together as a team to support your spine and pelvis, to provide balance and stability Core poses are very beneficial as they strengthen and stabilize your abdominal muscles.

Health Benefits of Practicing Different Yoga Poses

  1. Yoga helps to flush out toxins from our body and keeps stress and anxiety at bay by calming your body and mind.
  2. Eases lower back and neck pain.
  3. Gets relief from menstrual cramps, PMS, and menopausal symptoms
  4. Improves digestion and boosts overall immunity.
  5. Helps heal a migraine, headaches, and insomnia.
  6. Boost overall circulatory system.
  7. Cures varicose veins and swollen ankles and leg pain.
  8. Strengthens your arms, shoulders and thigh muscles.
  9. Regulates your adrenal glands and improves circulation to pituitary and pineal glands
  10. Tones your body, stretches your spine making it more flexible and improves the body posture.
  11. Strengthens lungs by giving them more room to breathe.
  12. Improves digestive powers and eases digestive problems such as indigestion and acidity
  13. Improves blood supply to the head and boosts your energy levels and delays aging.
  14. Yoga lowers blood sugar and LDL (bad) cholesterol and boosts HDL (good) cholesterol.
  15. Increase your focus and concentration power.
  16. Improves our breathing pattern and balances our blood pressure.

Remember, Yoga is incomplete without deep breathing that helps us increase our oxygen intake and improve blood circulation.